Ayylien Clothing Season 4 *GRAPHIC CONTENT*

3 mar. 2018
109 220 Vizionare

Edited by AncientReality: twitter.com/AncientReality
Huge shout-out to all of Ayylien's amazing artists that participated this season:
(in no particular order)
Songs used:
Antnio Bizarro - Fear of State and Industry
Chuck Bettis - Horror Storm
Corwin Trails - Age of Horrors
FREE Xxxtentacion Type Beat - SHIT
Graham Bole - Lurking
Grid Resistor - One
Grid Resistor - Two
Grid Resistor - Five
Jimmy Watt Abarca - The Tragedy Phenomena extract
The Fucked Up Beat - The Odyssey of Flight 33/We Build Ancient Ruins
Uncle Dracula- Row Your Boat Down The Gallery Of Horrors
XXXTentacion Type Beat - Tormented

  • The editing was amazing and satisfying. I can't stop watching. Also will interested to buy Oni tee someday.

    Nordin AbdullahNordin AbdullahAcum 21 o Zi
  • This is gross but your merch is really cool!

    Just Some YT userJust Some YT userAcum 26 Zile
  • You should open an ayylen store I would buy a lot of dope shirts Specifically the deadly Donald, astrocycler, noodlehead and the Oni shirt

    Ethans An AlienEthans An AlienAcum 3 luni
  • I thought this was a clothing merchandise sponsorship, not Satanism propaganda.

    Baby YobamaBaby YobamaAcum an
  • *Watches the entire thing* I get it... (I don't get it)

    SaDVeCSaDVeCAcum an
  • I thought it was gonna be a lil blood not satanism

    clickbaitclickbaitAcum an
  • Sh00k

    Autistic ScreechAutistic ScreechAcum an
  • Merch plug to the next dimension

    avaorchidavaorchidAcum an
  • Sick

    Jeff JeffersonJeff JeffersonAcum an
  • dude i would love to sponsor your cloths for you, like i would wear everything you got i love it all

    Just AbbeyJust AbbeyAcum an
  • This is sick. Like this video is amazing, the editing is amazing, the bests are hard AF!

    Deb KonecnyDeb KonecnyAcum 2 ani

    Daniela MakorDaniela MakorAcum 2 ani
  • This got destroyed by ROones view wise. Rip my squigga

    Thelonelypotato ,Thelonelypotato ,Acum 2 ani
  • This video and the merch appealed to my dark aesthetics

    Snail LoveSnail LoveAcum 2 ani
  • those hoodies are tuff af

    XD RuBeX cubeXD RuBeX cubeAcum 2 ani
  • I wanna get the Cthulhu and the pans labyrinth eye and hand

    joystikojoystikoAcum 2 ani
  • Looks fuckin great, gonna buy a binary boy hoodie soon

    Cleo The Pat RickCleo The Pat RickAcum 2 ani
  • Elvis' merch is the only merch actually worth every dollar in your wallet🤘

    LeviathanSkull 1LeviathanSkull 1Acum 2 ani
  • These designs are lit af ...some shit u could sell in zumiez

    YADIYADIAcum 2 ani
  • Been meaning to say this for a while. I really like your merch's design. Can't buy it myself since I'm already short on money, but I have huge appreciation towards it. It's well priced and looks like it took some effort. If I ever were to buy merch, it would definitely be from you. Great work from everybody who worked on it!

    Some PersonSome PersonAcum 2 ani
  • Hail satan

    The Real BlueNoob 1The Real BlueNoob 1Acum 2 ani
  • I really like the astronaut T-shirt i’ll definitely buy it some day

    Scoobis god of the voidScoobis god of the voidAcum 2 ani

    spooky da scaryspooky da scaryAcum 2 ani
  • Demonetized

    NickIsLargeNickIsLargeAcum 2 ani
  • Why is your merchandise so expensive, tho? I can go to a print shop and get the same shit for 12$

    JorgodJorgodAcum 2 ani
  • D A N K M E M E S D A N K M E M E S D A N K M E M E S

    lollolAcum 2 ani
  • Pretty tucking edgy

    B A R TB A R TAcum 2 ani
  • Just bought some Ayylien clothing 👌🏼 I love the prints, very cool.

    Olivia BerglundOlivia BerglundAcum 2 ani
  • Best ROonesr merch ever. Seriously.

    ODD BinODD BinAcum 2 ani
  • Am I on drugs?

    jay deejay deeAcum 2 ani
  • I'm 100% buying the ones at 1:06

    xoomxoomAcum 2 ani
  • Definitely gonna get some of this.

    PobloPobloAcum 2 ani
  • Time to steal my moms credit card

    Zergl1ngZergl1ngAcum 2 ani
  • I fucking love these t-shirt designs but I can't afford a 30 dollar t-shirt....

    Ryan IanaroRyan IanaroAcum 2 ani

    Isaiah RodriguezIsaiah RodriguezAcum 2 ani
  • I like the alma music box in the background

    Mayo c:Mayo c:Acum 2 ani
  • If only I had money 😂😂😂

    VaporwavedreamsVaporwavedreamsAcum 2 ani
  • I love the beginning beat tho

    EpicPotato MasterEpicPotato MasterAcum 2 ani
  • Now if only shipping to Europe wasn't so fucking expensive

    Swagg BoiiiSwagg BoiiiAcum 2 ani
  • You have the best merch ever for a youtuber. It's amazing how professional the clothing/site is. Thank you :3

    pandapandaAcum 2 ani
  • Love the edit

    A AAA AAAcum 2 ani
  • Looks nice.

    Stev DarshakiStev DarshakiAcum 2 ani
  • You’re the only ROonesr I buy merch from, quality shit Elvis.

    Patrick QuinnPatrick QuinnAcum 2 ani

    barn owlbarn owlAcum 2 ani
  • Sick

    Collin JCollin JAcum 2 ani
  • What did I just watch?

    Evan AverboukhEvan AverboukhAcum 2 ani
  • Wow really think u have the best merch design tbh

    Albion Imperial guardAlbion Imperial guardAcum 2 ani
  • Egey content of 2018 and got to have that hood beat huh

    Ricardo RiosRicardo RiosAcum 2 ani
  • what song is it at 8:22

    BQraftBQraftAcum 2 ani
  • da hell

    Nothing HereNothing HereAcum 2 ani
  • 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌good video Elvis

    gerardopereztvgerardopereztvAcum 2 ani
  • I didn't read the title and after like 1:30 of this I was just wondering when the fuck the video was going to start.

    Kóngur ÍslandsKóngur ÍslandsAcum 2 ani
  • I like the almost enter the void title sequence at the end

    E CE CAcum 2 ani
  • I saw a homie reppin your merch and I was like Ayyyyy 👽

    Umar G RallyUmar G RallyAcum 2 ani
  • Thanks for changing my religion

    thethiccestrookthethiccestrookAcum 2 ani
  • i can tell you put tons of work into this season on ayylien.

    lunar vibeslunar vibesAcum 2 ani
  • This shit is actually fucking rad as fuck

    EsokissEsokissAcum 2 ani
  • mmmmm that edge

    LampP0stLampP0stAcum 2 ani
  • I wanna help design for season 5

  • AncientReality, damn. You're a beast.

    theRPGmastertheRPGmasterAcum 2 ani
  • Did you make this line?

    SugySugyAcum 2 ani
  • I fucks with it

    AndrewAndrewAcum 2 ani
  • needs more bass

    Hey LeudeHey LeudeAcum 2 ani
  • They all looked great, probably going to buy one

    The HRE / Bob BemisThe HRE / Bob BemisAcum 2 ani
  • Do a people ruin Dark Souls

    No NoNo NoAcum 2 ani
  • Holy shit.. the Baphomet shirt. I NEED! How the fuck have I not seen this? I’ve been watching your vids for a few weeks.

    Holly AnnHolly AnnAcum 2 ani
  • I know it doesn’t have anything with this but can you do something about Salad Fingers

    PhilPhilAcum 2 ani
  • Hot damn now that’s how you promote ya merch!!

    Gem BellGem BellAcum 2 ani
  • The inner metal is slowly releasing

    Phil Da MasterPhil Da MasterAcum 2 ani
  • Do people ruin fortnite

    Garrett WessaleGarrett WessaleAcum 2 ani
  • I want some so baddd!

    Mia AMia AAcum 2 ani

    Eve NingEve NingAcum 2 ani
  • Such a banger

    AaronnnAaronnnAcum 2 ani
  • I want that skull one

    AaronnnAaronnnAcum 2 ani
  • Sick

    AaronnnAaronnnAcum 2 ani
  • Last people ruin everything, my dick retracted into my body.

    D3FALTD3FALTAcum 2 ani
  • Wow very cool stuff and a good price. Its something people can wear everyday and people will ask were you got it instead of the name being plastered everywhere.

    Hope HaskillHope HaskillAcum 2 ani
  • Do you like ghostemane

    Mandy RobertsMandy RobertsAcum 2 ani
  • Great shirts my guy

    Jesus ChristJesus ChristAcum 2 ani
  • Just ordered the Moth Girl shirt, so fucking hyped! I love creepy shit and I'm so happy Elvis's line is doing so well, he's definitely earned it.

    DreamsphereINC -DreamsphereINC -Acum 2 ani
  • What the fuck did I watch bruh

    Some GuySome GuyAcum 2 ani
  • Are you ok elvis?

    RustyableRustyableAcum 2 ani
  • Can you please make a video on the cringey gorillaz fandom instagram.com/p/BgJulLOnQhE/ here's one example. Just read the comments lmao. Love you man keep it up. Ps ( I'm a gorillaz fan but I hate people who does this to the fandom)

    SkullfuckmeSkullfuckmeAcum 2 ani
  • Hey can u do a ruin half life 1 or 2

    The Communist from Arizona 516The Communist from Arizona 516Acum 2 ani
  • These are sick dude, great work will definitely be buying some pieces! You should make a vid on your creative process making shirts

    Kristopher QuezadaKristopher QuezadaAcum 2 ani
  • ROones didn't even tell me you uploaded this video... Had to come check and it's been a week since you uploaded.

    TheWalkingAmongTheDeadTheWalkingAmongTheDeadAcum 2 ani
  • sick as always

    annaannaAcum 2 ani
  • Cant believe I just sat through a four minute long ad voluntarily and thoroughly enjoyed it

    SorcharaSorcharaAcum 2 ani
  • jesus

    BubblegumBubblegumAcum 2 ani
  • Dude this merch is DOPE

    facetto infartofacetto infartoAcum 2 ani
  • Finally

    pain is cupcakepain is cupcakeAcum 2 ani
  • Hey Elvis, just realised, In fallout 4 nuka world you can find a companion called elvis the alien. That's it. Just thought it was a cool easter egg

    Melissa ReeceMelissa ReeceAcum 2 ani
  • Too edgy for me

    Cloaker boiCloaker boiAcum 2 ani
  • The Aesthetic is through the roof and I'm on board with that. However I really hope you blow up because the designs aren't super crazy. And I hope in the future you have more resources to utilize in the creation of your clothing. We're out here just trying to make art bro and I respect you for that

    Awsmosis BonesAwsmosis BonesAcum 2 ani
  • I wish he use kill ebola's music, his songs are satanic AF

    Gerin St.JacquesGerin St.JacquesAcum 2 ani
  • Definitely getting an Oni and Working Class Devil shirt.

    Supreme RazzSupreme RazzAcum 2 ani
  • Holy shit i wish I was old enough to buy this ;

    Slim ShadySlim ShadyAcum 2 ani
  • Ayyyyylien

    GrantGrantAcum 2 ani
  • Do people ruin pokemon pls There is lots and lots of wired, funny and cringy things on it just do it would be great

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  • P U R E E D G E

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