11 aug. 2019
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(to be continued late September)

  • Me realizing that Elvis was just taking human form to avoid suspicion

    LiviaSmivia ProductionsLiviaSmivia ProductionsAcum 29 Zile
  • The real Area 51 raid was the friends we made along the way.

    Sol TSol TAcum 2 luni
  • You could make a hell of an arg Elvis

    Nebula VXIINebula VXIIAcum 5 luni

    Jesus ChristJesus ChristAcum 8 luni
  • Yeah same

    zodiacmedusazodiacmedusaAcum 9 luni
  • You posted this on my birthday

    GoopieDoodieGoopieDoodieAcum 9 luni
  • Raid code activated Beginning raid

    Random retardRandom retardAcum an
  • What the hell happened no one came

    Bendy BrofitBendy BrofitAcum an
  • Missoin failed

    Silly SausageSilly SausageAcum an
  • Le hmm

    Duolingo OwlDuolingo OwlAcum an
  • i think the meme is dead...

    Iwut Here.Iwut Here.Acum an
  • People ruin area 51

    The Doctor GamerThe Doctor GamerAcum an
  • Heck did I just watch

    c.s.p site 123-J site Commanderc.s.p site 123-J site CommanderAcum an
  • do you use alienware

    LuxxCrowLuxxCrowAcum an
  • area 51 was just a normal military base and that's a fact

    steven universesteven universeAcum an
    • yes pls believe me

      steven universesteven universeAcum an
    • n o

      cryptidcorecryptidcoreAcum an
  • It's a cry for help!

    Out Of Da BlueOut Of Da BlueAcum an
  • nightmare's is amazing

    the dudethe dudeAcum an
  • Dudes. I got my Naruto run perfected!

    enigmaticKinesisenigmaticKinesisAcum an
  • elvis at Alienstock

    davefuccdavefuccAcum an
  • Wait so is elvis being forced to make videos at area 51 at his will

    Nathaniel GiffinNathaniel GiffinAcum an
  • i will save you lord for you are the last of the 41 supreme beings we cannot let the last one be contained

    T.A.O. MailboxT.A.O. MailboxAcum an
  • Only 19 More Days

    soultiger 267soultiger 267Acum an
  • We gochu fam

    Shotgun raptorShotgun raptorAcum an
  • The naruto runners about to clap them alien cheeks

    benadryl horseflopperbenadryl horseflopperAcum an
  • Y’all ready for his youtoo

    George’s ViewsGeorge’s ViewsAcum an
  • Still scarier than The Nun.

    Ajc 7575Ajc 7575Acum an
  • Patiently waited for a corny anal probe joke Was not disappointed

    Cheryl ClarkCheryl ClarkAcum an
  • I am a Pokémon person so if I can get legendaries and mythicals in the raid and some other Pokémon like starters and Pokémon’s with megas and then i can get dyoxs back and the ultra beasts

    RONAN J.RONAN J.Acum an
  • Let get to 1 million the fuckin subscribers

    Brayan BartoloBrayan BartoloAcum an
  • Lets free our green friend. It's hard being green, after all.

    SapnestSapnestAcum an
  • Get it, because area 51 funny.

    Acey WaceyAcey WaceyAcum an
  • “You heard guys I’m done making videos for you guys” *zaps* ahh my ass Elvis you will never stop making videos bitch because we’ll keep zapping you in the buff!

    Shadow ForceShadow ForceAcum an
  • Don’t worry Elvis we will naruto run into your cage and save you

    Slap shot Studios1708Slap shot Studios1708Acum an
  • i want my own elvis, area 51 here i come

    tobias_the_newbtobias_the_newbAcum an
  • Nice vid

  • Ahh man kill me

  • Poor alyen ass

    dumb assdumb assAcum an
  • please make this into an arg

    kibbyartskibbyartsAcum an
  • Oh hey that’s my ass

    Leafy LoxxLeafy LoxxAcum an
  • They're going to be 'storming' the wrong spot. It's at Area S4.

    Nick WilliamsNick WilliamsAcum an
  • That ending 😂😂

    WeirdoCentralWeirdoCentralAcum an
  • this some goofy shit

    booi someonebooi someoneAcum an
  • What happened to the newest video

    im not toxicim not toxicAcum an
  • In case anyone was wondering why his newest vid was taken down, it was probably because the aspect ratio was all messed up. 10/10 black borders lol

    Addy ValenciaAddy ValenciaAcum an
  • Why did you delete you new video

    18811881Acum an
  • Elvis the alien with blunt

    Creepy PotatoCreepy PotatoAcum an
  • I’m kinda mad how you made a video saying not to go to Area 51 now your riding the trend come on Elvis your better than this something is fishy because you’ve been deleting your videos as soon as you upload them

    Jay jayJay jayAcum an
  • Talk about the movie Annabelle Comes Home.

    Strainul MisteriosStrainul MisteriosAcum an
  • Did anyone else notice that his new video got deleted?

    King DavidKing DavidAcum an
    • King David yes he’s been deleting his videos like right after their done

      Jay jayJay jayAcum an
  • did anybody see the video he uploaded today that got taken down immediately

    Kevin RobertKevin RobertAcum an
    • Yessir

      PaulPaulAcum an
    • I was wondering about that too!

      Myka WatzMyka WatzAcum an
  • Bruh what happened to that vid

    Yam N BamYam N BamAcum an
  • Ay I actully got to see the new vid before it got taken down/deleted, here's a hint pools

    nep nepnep nepAcum an
    • @Myka Watz yea per sure that's it

      nep nepnep nepAcum an
    • @nep nep pool noodles?

      Myka WatzMyka WatzAcum an
    • @nikusha mosidze blossom is the channel , summer life hacks with those tube things you take into the pool, I forget what they are called rn sowwy

      nep nepnep nepAcum an
    • What was it about?

      nikusha mosidzenikusha mosidzeAcum an
  • e-elvis w-what haaaapeopend eeeeelvis what haaaaapend to yeour recent youtube vaideooo

    triplex3 doublex2triplex3 doublex2Acum an
  • Damn. I saw that notification, made me some grub, sat down, and went to play the video and it was gone! Bruh

    Frank ReynoldsFrank ReynoldsAcum an
  • bruh moment deletion vid

    AirBreathingHumanAirBreathingHumanAcum an
  • Why you delete new video??

    OmnirexOmnirexAcum an

    levyaustinwolflevyaustinwolfAcum an
  • What happened to the video that just came out???

    2019 Chevrolet Suburban Midnight Edition2019 Chevrolet Suburban Midnight EditionAcum an
  • Where did your life hacks video go elvis

    AlastorV6AlastorV6Acum an
  • They took down the blossom video?

    Rock 'n' GreaseRock 'n' GreaseAcum an
  • That bra moment where elvis uploads a troom troom video and yakes it down

    whydoesmydadbeatmewhydoesmydadbeatmeAcum an
    • @nep nep bet wheres the proof

      whydoesmydadbeatmewhydoesmydadbeatmeAcum an
    • Not a troom troom vid actully, I got to see it before deletion

      nep nepnep nepAcum an
    • I was just about to watch it man...

      Rock 'n' GreaseRock 'n' GreaseAcum an
  • Review airplane mode by the pauls

    Ken MulfordKen MulfordAcum an
  • what happened to the blossom video?

    ColorlessFellColorlessFellAcum an
  • Did the last video get copyrighted? Why was it removed

    PurpleShadePurpleShadeAcum an
  • Oops never mind

    VioletKalicoVioletKalicoAcum an
  • Hey what happend to the video that was just posted

    Square SkullSquare SkullAcum an

    Unojhiir0Unojhiir0Acum an
  • little did you guys know, Elvis was an alien who fucks people's ass because people make everything horrible So this is what Alien Elvis does in his spare time left, cuz they're gonna raid him. and so he hides his face with a human mask, "Im done making video's for you guys." means hes gone in his gucci UFO. And he'll maybe record on his uh Alien Elvish Home shit, whatever. And yeah.

    Electric AnimsElectric AnimsAcum an

    MCGamer 826MCGamer 826Acum an
  • do a video on logan pauls Airplaine Mode

    IsaacEyesIsaacEyesAcum an
  • I’m not freeing you if you’re gonna stop with the vids. Heck, I’ll even help the guards

    Fed CoFed CoAcum an
  • Elvis I will save you from Area 51

    eeAcum an
  • SuPreyes ButtSecks! It’s the humans turn after all the abductions and anal probing. Lol...

    DeclinedForCreditDeclinedForCreditAcum an
  • Holy fuck. It felt like just yesterday you had 400k subs and now you are almost at 1 mil. I can't wait for the 1 mil vid

    Zayd QaziZayd QaziAcum an
  • This mans about to hit 1 mil subs

    SnoopSnoopAcum an
  • I think the weed got to him😔

    PickledPineapplePickledPineappleAcum an
  • Who else had the vibe Area 51 workers stung Elvis in the ass

    Chinese communist partyChinese communist partyAcum an
  • Wait didn’t you say not to raid Area 51 in that deleted video

    Jay jayJay jayAcum an
  • Elvis I get more and more worried for your sanity every video

    L. H.L. H.Acum an
  • Literally been watching all your vids for 3 days straight now... I love your content. So happy I found you!!!! Love all the way from South Africa

    Tamzyn Van AardeTamzyn Van AardeAcum an
  • Hey Elvis! Please do a video on Dinosaur Dracula please!!!

  • Hang in there Elvis

    haleyhaleyAcum an
  • Rumour has it that Area 51 has the mcrib sandwich all year long and that's why it's so closely guarded.

    CanadianSwineCanadianSwineAcum an
  • such a short meme and such a fucking great production value

    original_f!sh officialoriginal_f!sh officialAcum an
  • Everyone gangsta till' aliens get the guns

    Alexander PoeAlexander PoeAcum an
  • This nigga went taco mode

    JimboJimboAcum an
  • *For Elvis*

    Katie DelaneyKatie DelaneyAcum an
  • Remember folks, just naruto run to out run the bullets. It'll work. Trust me. Even if they shoot from the direction you're running into.

    KKmiesKKmiesAcum an
  • Please talk about I'm jayStation

    Ivan SanchezIvan SanchezAcum an
  • Can you please take about jaystation

    Santiago SanchezSantiago SanchezAcum an
  • ¡ǝɯpuᴉɟɹǝʌǝullᴉʍnoʎ

    gvmK0ZgvmK0ZAcum an
  • more like Bore Ragnarok

    MussoMussoAcum an
  • Was the beginning on the MOTHER computer AI thing from Alien????

    lost at sealost at seaAcum an
  • Oh thats like a joke lol

    Lowkey RelatableLowkey RelatableAcum an
  • I thought it was the new season of ayylien releasing smh

    Clature.exeClature.exeAcum an
  • Imagine instead of some alien military base its just a giant weed farm

    Nick VenkuriNick VenkuriAcum an
  • We got to save Elvis' ass

    Megumi chanMegumi chanAcum an
  • I bet this is just a excuse to not upload for a while

    Trained_IdiotTrained_IdiotAcum an
  • Ok

    crustytoecrustytoeAcum an

    Pau BarbaPau BarbaAcum an